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The Gallacher Award - Thomas Bowen, North Wales Golf Club

The Gallacher Award for a great volunteer goes to Tom Bowen, North Wales Golf Club, whose work has given him new direction after suffering from depression.

Tom had been a 4-handicap golfer before he became virtually housebound for two years. On a chance visit to his old golf club he realised that he had been genuinely missed by the staff. Tom offered to help with the new junior programme and was soon helping every day. He was thrilled to pass his PGA Level 1 volunteer coach award and helped deliver coaching sessions in schools and the golf club.

Tom is now a county junior organiser, an assistant PGA professional and enrolled on a university course. His fitness has improved having lost three stone in two years. The club says Tom has an “amazing relationship with the juniors and coaching staff” and this links the junior section together so well.

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