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‘The Journey – Start, Learn and Stay’

National charity the Golf Foundation has released a short film to encourage more young people who have never thought about playing golf to give the sport a try.

Called ‘The Journey – Start, Learn and Stay’, the idea is to show non-golfers under 18 that golf can be fun, different from what they may have expected, easy to get into and a great way of making new friends. It will be viewed principally across social media platforms and can be seen now at

The film tracks three personal stories about lads and girls on separate ‘journeys’ to find a new sport which suits them; girl and boyfriend, father and daughter, a lad and his mates. Text messages, family grumbles, a StreetGolf session in an alley shooting at old coffee cups and a dog missing her walk; all taking place as this old game of golf offers something new and exciting.

Sarah Sorrell, Marketing Manager of the Golf Foundation, who led the project, said: “Through this short film we wanted to reach out to more young people who might otherwise never think of picking up a club and show them that golf can be a sport for them and be great fun to play.

“We hope it may spark real interest as we as a charity are all about including more young people from all backgrounds and circumstances, and we want to find more young players who can benefit from the life skills that the game can offer. We also want to make them feel very welcome in this sport and break down traditional barriers against joining in.

“Hopefully the film also hints that golf is changing and moving with the times and is, for some outside the sport, not quite the stuffy old game they believe it to be, as the likes of Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia and Olympic gold medal winner Justin Rose are demonstrating.”

The Golf Foundation is reaching 500,000 young people each year through its HSBC Golf Roots programmes that encourage young people to ‘Start, Learn and Stay’ in the sport and learn ‘Skills for Life’. Through a range of initiatives including ‘StreetGolf’, working with Premier League 4 Sport, the charity is now reaching many children from traditionally footballing communities, linking all youngsters with golf facilities and structured learning with support from PGA Professionals.

Funding is also available to help more young people with special educational needs, behavioural issues and disabilities through the charity’s ‘Golf for All’ ethos. All this work is on course to create 50,000 more kids entering the gates of a club each year, creating 15,000 new regular players annually.

A recent survey carried out by Sports Marketing Surveys INC. for the Golf Foundation found that 99% of parents see golf as providing a very safe environment for their children, and that 95% also believe the sport can teach their children valuable life skills.

‘The Journey – Start, Learn and Stay’ can be found on the Foundation’s YouTube channel (GolfFoundationTV) twitter (@GolfRootsHQ) and Facebook (@TheGolfFoundation) and at

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