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Toby’s story - Rebuilding confidence and self-esteem through golf

Taking up golf has been great for Toby, it is helping him to rebuild his confidence and has been life-changing.

Our charity changes the lives of young people by introducing them to golf and we hear many stories about the positive impact of the sport. Feedback from our work in schools, clubs and with PGA Professionals show golf is having an inspirational effect on many juniors, something we are immensely proud to be part of.

We spoke to one mother, Clare, about her son’s experience of playing golf, here is how she described Toby's life-changing experience of the sport at his local golf club in Northampton. 

“Toby did not enjoy sport in school. There were limited opportunities to compete or participate, and the occasions he did play were not positive experiences. This resulted in a loss of self-esteem and confidence for Toby.

So, Toby’s grandmother and I took him along to Northampton GC to try golf. Learning to play has been frustrating for him at times and Toby has struggled to manage his emotions when faced with failure. But while the game is challenging him to be successful it always teaches Toby to build on the good and discard the bad. The etiquette and rules of the sport provide great structure for Toby to work within, regardless of success or failure on the course.

When learning to play golf there are plenty of bad shots, but the game allows for a moment of calm and concentration for a golfer to come back from their mistake and try to recover the hole. Golf encourages Toby to move forward and build resilience in everything he does, especially outside of golf.

At Northampton GC Toby is surrounded by like-minded players and supported by the club’s fantastic young volunteers - Ben and Katie. The support of older juniors has been invaluable as it has given him a sense of belonging and is helping Toby to deal with other challenges he might face.

He has been a member of Northampton GC’s GolfSixes League squad and now enjoys competing in a pair and being part of team, an opportunity he missed out on at school. This has helped to reduce his feelings of isolation. His odds of success at GolfSixes Leagues fixtures and beginners events continue to keep the flame burning and increase his desire to play more.

Taking up golf has been great for Toby, it is helping him to rebuild his confidence and has been life changing.”

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