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The Golf Foundation promotes the delivery of golf for children in primary and junior schools. Through our initiatives, pupils can hit their first golf shots with their classmates, learn to co-operate and respect other players, add up their scores honestly and succeed in colourful and active game formats. Our school programmes also offer ‘Skills for Life’ and can support Curriculum learning.

Primary School Golf

  • Can be a high-energy game that helps with PE and fitness;
  • Actively promotes co-operation and respect among its players, and sportsmanship and good behaviour follows;
  • Can be played in a variety of places at school, offering flexibility for PE lessons.

A bag full of adapted Golfway equipment is suitable for use in primary schools. Included are links to activities with reference to literacy, numeracy, and life skills that can all support curriculum lessons.

Resources for Teachers and Coaches
All teachers and coaches attending a Golf in Primary Schools workshop will receive a comprehensive resource manual packed full of useful information.

Designed to support the School Games, the Golf Foundation has created a competition toolkit with all of the games, festival layouts and scorecards required to run a successful competition or festival. 

Teaching Points

Click HERE to find videos of all the basic golf skill teaching points you will need to deliver golf in your primary school.

If you would like to learn more about golf in schools or receive updates about this work please complete the short form below.

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Golf in Schools

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